DIY Rose,Shea & Coco Lotion Bars

I have read, re-read, re-re -read about the lotion bars on Pinterest multiple times.

But only last week, I  was able to successfully execute my long pending plan.


Sometimes, I was short on supplies of oils, sometimes on fragrant essential oils, and 2 weeks back, when I completed half the process and opened my chinaware cupboard, only to find my silicone molds disappeared. Serioulsy, I searched whole house, and it seems like they vanished into the thin air. Houdini’s spirit must have visited me, I guess. 😛

Well, ordered a new set of molds from Amazon, and completed the process.

The results I got, were quite good for a first timer. And these bars, are quite moisturizing,  even for a person like me, on whose dry skin even the TBS body butter fails. 😛

The main ingredients I used are:

  • Shea Body Butter: 3 tbsp
  • Coconut Oil: 2 tbsp
  • Almond oil: few drops
  • Rose essential oil: a few drops
  • Beeswax: 1 tbsp

Method: Melt all, except Almond oil and rose oil,  using double boiler method. I shredded the beeswax so it melts quickly. You can also use beeswax pellets.

When it gets a little cool, add almond oil and rose oil, Pour into the molds and let them cool.You can also add rose petals or any other flower petals.Try to experiment with different ingredients, powdered dry fruits, petals, essential oils, spices. Add what you like.

Store them in a labeled container in your bathroom



Usage: Rub on the body after the shower. Let your body absorb the oils for a minute or two. And then if you wish, you can have a quick warm ( not hot ) shower to wash away excess oil.I skip it, as my skin leaves nothing to wash away, gulps down every drop of oil. 🙂

For people living in tropical countries, I will advise not to try this in summer, as the summer heat can melt the bars and ruin the experience for you. In summers, make a lotion with these ingredients, add some more coconut oil to make it more fluid, and store in a bottle.You can also add aloe vera gel in summers to make it light on moisturizing power.

It’s also good for people with eczema( tested on Hubby), they can add tea tree oil drops in it too, to keep infections at bay.

So, this is all about this new experiment of mine.You too try and share your experience.








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