Raw papaya experiment

Today I made the raw papaya salad (Indian cuisine).

I have been thinking to make it for almsot a year. almost 8 month sback bought a raw payaya to make it , but due to my laziness finalyy the final destination for that papaya was the dustbin. 😦

Hence when I bought the raw papaya yesterday , I pledged that I will surely make it on the next day.

So this morning I made it ,and was surprised that it all took 15 mins. I guess , it was the fear of trying something new , the uncomfortable feeling of venturing into new arenas, which was preventing me previously.

So , simply you have to peel the papaya skin ( because its RAW and it tastes very bitter), clean the seeds, grate it. Put a heavy bottomed pan on flame, pour in some oil ( 2 tbsp), when it gets hot , add some mustard seeds , curry leaves ( totally optional ), some finely chopped green chillies, some turmeric, then add papaya + 2 tbps of H2O. Mix it well , add some salt , a tbsp of sugar and paprika/red chilli powder/chilli flakes. Cover it for two minutes on low flame . bring it down , cool it and add some lemon juice.

Andddd its ready , its spicy , tangy , sweet and most important of all yummy . Eat it with anything πŸ™‚

Sorry I do not have a photograph of it , It was so yummy I ate all of it and did not have the patience to stop in between πŸ˜› Β , Maybe next time when I will make it , will try to click one πŸ™‚


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