Upcycle with Decoupage Art

Thanks to Pinterest, I am able to explore more and more about various methods for upcycling.

Decoupage is one of the art form, which I found can also be used to upcycle many unused items at home. I found it so interesting that any decoupage-able surface I lay my eyes on , I decoupage it .

Mostly I have started off  with converting old containers of chips , cookie cans, and old packaging  as my canvas.

Using the old items has two benefits . First , practicing on these old stuff saves money and also gives ample opportunity to learn the tricks needed. Second , its turns the old , simple looking stuff into an work of art.

Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf , etc.

First step starts with painting the base surface with an acrylic paint or any other paint suitable for that surface.

Before painting on wood or metal , it’s advisable to scrub it nicely with a sandpaper, to smooth out the surface and also to remove any old paint, plus create micro grooves in surface , so the paint layer can attach to surface easily.The surface may need multiple coats of paint , depending on the opacity required . Its mandatory to let the  previous coat of paint dry completely before applying the second one and so on, else you will have peeling paint layers after few days.

Select and prepare the cutouts you wish to paste upon the surface either by tearing with your hand or a scissor.

Decoupage napkins are very popular for this purpose ,as their very thin and hence their border blends into the surface of the object , leaving no hard lines , giving a seamless look to surface. Hence, giving an effect of a painting .

Mod Podge is a very popular glue which can be used for sticking the motifs on the surface. It works well with almost any surface and also, becomes water resistant on drying. Some other decoupage glues are also available in market .

After sticking and drying of the motifs , the whole surface has to be varnished repeatedly , till you can no longer see the borders of the cutouts. Instead of varnish , you can also coat it with layers of decoupage glue or mod podge , to give a matte effect .

Mod Podge itself is available in different finishes, for e.g. satin , matte , gloss , etc. You can also use special crackle mediums to give a cracked and vintage look to the project. You can decorate your project with ribbons , laces, brads etc. Also you can stain it using distress inks to enhance the vintage look.

The main point is to dry each layer completely before applying another layer.

It’s a very simple art once you get the hold of it  , though the artwork itself can be taken to new heights with your imagination and creativity , similar to any other art form .

Some useful tutorials are listed below , which can give you an insight into the whole process of decoupaging:

Tea box 

Deco box

No wrinkles trick

Dry decoupage

The decoupage materials in India is available on  mostly online craft stores  like thecraftshop, itsybitsy,rainbowcraftykari, A1craftsupply ,Anandhastationery.

Also , you can try to find a store near you or in your city by joining different decoupage Groups on Facebook , where other people can help and guide to find a shop as well as give you advice on the artwork.

Some of the Upcycling done by me are shown below.

As you will be able to notice, the first ones are truly a disaster, but the key is not to give up and try and try till you succeed . Like my blog implies ,Experimenting is the key to discoveries , and I am  discovering new methods to enjoy life and uplift your soul ,through different experiments .

ADIOS till next time . 🙂

Old wallet Packaging upcycled into a small box
Old wallet Packaging upcycled into a small box, first attempt at decoupage, see the seams of the  flower cutout are visible , not blended enough

Empty Pringles Chips cans, up-cycled into storage cans . The second one came out very wrinkly 😦 .

Empty Pringles Chips can up-cycled into storage can


My Smartphone’s packaging box upcycled as a gift for my MOM

Empty Ferrero Rocher’s boxes up-cycled to store makeup . I am getting better in pasting small cutouts .IMG_20140712_140736DSC05622 Wrist Watch’s packaging tin up-cycled into cotton wool storage can .DSC05610

Plain black Sunglasses case DECOUPAGED!!! 
Bring some life to Plain vase , My first wrinkle free decoupage , thanks to a brilliant but easy trick .

Added some quilled Cherry Blossoms to accessorize . DSC05624


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