Say it with flowers !!!

Its spring time in India and the weather is  getting warmer day by day .

Though , the  totally unseasonal rains bring back the nip in air after every few days .

Loads and loads of flowers are in full bloom everywhere, the sweet sing-a-song of cuckoo in my backyard , signals that the time for the  delicious juicy mangoes are not very far 🙂

Hence, it inspired me to  quill some colorful flowers .

A bunch of lavender tied with a golden ribbon



and a branch laden with butterscotch colored Malaysian flowers , with a bee humming nearby.


The bright color deceives me into smelling them , expecting the same sweet smell of real butterscotch 😛


I have recently bought a lots of patterned paper to give a nice background to quilled creations.

After rummaging through them and  finding the perfect  one for the base , I turn into a pinch penny.

They all are so beautiful , I don’t want to ruin them or exhaust them.

It’s the same feeling which I had as a kid , when you did not want to spend your coins in piggy bank and waited for that perfect thing to buy which will justify the hard work it took to collect them.

I want them to deserve and display the best quilling 🙂


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