Wind , twine & entwine

After my first experiment with quilling , I got super excited to explore and create more .

I also learned combing technique , which comes handy while creating different types of husking(filling) for flower petals  and  can also be used  creating beautiful flower  petals and twigs  standalone too.

One needs only a big toothed comb to create it or you can buy a  quilling comb with rounded metal  teeth and numbering on each tooth , making it easy to count the teeth to give uniformity .

Quilling Comb : Image courtesy
Quilling Comb : Image courtesy

Also learnt making fringed flowers.I  had a deja vu feel while making them and suddenly an old frame came in front of my eyes.

It was  the frame of an old memory , from my Kindergarten days , I made a cardboard kennel ( puppy house) and my mom used this technique to make tress or bushes for the landscape of that kennel .

WOW, sometimes you think you are learning something totally new and then you realize you have done it all as a kid but it did not excite you as much as it did now.

Maybe because the life was all exciting at that time and now a small exciting thing seems like a big deal in our daily monotonous life .


Ok , so coming back to the IT era 🙂 , here are the few cards I made using the new techniques I learnt .

Card with 3-D effect flowers


Card with Royal flower and fringed flowers

Card with tight quilled rolls and quilled butterfly IMAG0317-1

I mostly use handmade paper as base of the card , as it gives it a stout feel and also the paper strips stick easily to it owning to its rough surface and texture. Also , with handmade paper , each sheet you  buy will have some unique characteristic of its own , hence creating different effect and charm each time .

Currently In process of learning quilled roses , will blog about the updates on it .

Till then , keep it twirling 🙂


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