My Latest passions : Quilling & Nail Art

With New year , I have found new passions to indulge in .

For long I was thinking to get a nail art kit , but the obscenely high cost of them , kept me from buying them.

Then this  January , I bought a nail art kit  from Amazon as it was on quite a discounted price ,and after it arrived and I tried , I was HOOKED.

The same day I ordered more image plate( round discs with engravings or designs etched into them ) , more special nail paints ( thick and quite opaque nail paints )  costing almost 2 K . 😐

There are endless designs you can create using the kit , Imagination is the limit.

Hence , perfect for a person like me , who can easily get bored with a hobby .( My Cross stitch panel is still lying somewhere in 80% completion stage )Image

The second one is Quilling ,  which I accidentally discovered while waiting for the attention of a super busy elderly shopkeeper in neighborhood stationery shop . While waiting I was checking out the items  on display behind the cash counter , and the pretty pink flowers on a cardboard box caught my attention.

As I was already in search mode for ideas on how to make a handmade card for my husband on Valentine’s day , I thought to try them .

And when at home , I made my first quill , I was totally smitten by the beauty of the quilled roll in my hand  and the endless possibilities it held.

I searched some designs on internet and started making my card .

Over the period of 2 days , I learnt that there are many techniques within quilling to give different results ( all of them are breathtakingly beautiful) .

I ordered some more supplies from , mainly consisting of  quilling strips ( long thin strips of paper is different colors , ranging from 1mm to 1 cm ).



4 thoughts on “My Latest passions : Quilling & Nail Art

  1. I keep seeing quilling in the craft magazines I buy! I’ve not been tempted to try it yet. It reminds me of like the 90’s when old folk used to do that so I think it’s putting me off! I like your flower though, cute. Keep going with the nail art, it’s super fun and absolutely addictive!


    1. Ha ha. Yes, doing things which does not involve digital devices seems old age .
      But it reminds me of my childhood and also a tangible thing in your hand has its own charm .

      I will surely experiment more with the nail art.
      My nails are quite soft so most of the time they chip off 😦
      I do this nail art with stamping kit as I am not good with the tools , which is a disadvantage too .
      Will keep checking your blog for new ideas , for sure.


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