Goa is like a fridge, because everyone just chills here!

A few memories which I was able to bring back
A few memories which I was able to bring back

Will love to live a part of my life there , how and when I don’t know , But it will happen.

I will have to make it happen .


Though Goa is only famous for beaches , but I  was amazed to find that  its blessed with almost every thing existing in nature which makes  a place picturesque.


It has rivers , not like the one I have in my hometown , heavily loaded with filth  and scantily loaded with water.

They have plenty of water  to row boats and even go for dolphin cruise .

DSC04454Mountains are there , not grand as Himalayas , because its a plateau area, but covered with tropical trees and dense enough to scare the shit out of me when one noon I wandered into one  in my rented car .

At nights the forests even spooked me a bit because being a Big city girl , I have never spent nights in a place where nature and humans live in such a close proximity.


Sea is  obviously there.

And Surprise! there are even a bit of backwaters too 🙂

Yes, Lagoons .Though no houseboats are there like they have in Kerala.

I am already looking forward to my next trip there.



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