Leftover Idli’s quick masala bite

After coming back from a weekend trip , while checking  my refrigerator I spotted  a bowl full of the uttapam( south indian pancakes with vegetable toppings made out of  fermented rice and  lentil flour) batter which I prepared before going on the trip. Scared that it may have turned  too sour to make uttapam and also sure that no one will be interested in eating the uttapam’s again , I steamed them into idlis using the mould . Before steaming the batter , I added some chopped onions and green chillis , also added a bit of  salt to overcome the sourness .

The idli’s were cut into  medium size pieces ( good to pick and stuff in mouth using a fork ) . I heated some  vegetable oil , added some  mustard seeds and then some curry leaves (Murraya koenigii). Add some chopped onions , chopped green chillies , saute them for a minute or two on high flame  . After onions turn golden brown , add  the idli pieces , sprinkle some black pepper powder and red chilly flakes . Also sprinkle about 50 ml of  water on it , turn the flame low and toss the pieces until they are equally coated with the masala .

Eat hot with any kind of sauce 🙂 or with tea 🙂


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